July 2012 Update

Alright.. it has been a while since I have posted, so here are some updates. At the beginning of May I relocated to Oregon from Idaho. I am currently in Eugene while I look for work in Portland. So far in these couple past months I have done a lot of DnB work and making connections. Here is a list… Read more →

Free Tracks & Recent News

If you didnt catch it on my fan page on facebook or on my soundcloud page,  I gave away some free tracks for Christmas. Peep the links below. Spastik – Can It Be (FREE TRACK) by spastik Spastik – Only Man (FREE TRACK) by spastik In other news, I got my track “Night Run” coming out on Low Pass Records… Read more →

Spastik – Night Run (Coming soon!)

My first release is coming out soon on Low Pass Records.  You can catch a clip of the track here: Spastik – Night Run (LPR001 Compilation LP / 12.15.2011) by Low Pass Records   The release is coming out on December 15th  January 26th on all major sites (Beatport, ect…). Go over and like the Low Pass Records facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LowPassRecords  … Read more →

October 2011 Update

Got a few updates going on.  I had a slump over the past month with making tunes, but I think I am coming out of it right now.  Just picked up a lot of classic liquid DnB on Discogs and bedroom spinning more often. I think I have about 5 or 6 tracks that are still at the beginning stages,… Read more →

Mid May Update!

My last final is today. I need to nail this and graduate on Saturday. I threw up one of my old mixes I made and never released. The Rain Mix. Download it. Im going to be opening at the Knitting Factory on May 21st for Pressha from Seattle. Im thinking a half and half set of Dubstep & Drum-n-Bass. Then… Read more →

Mid April Update, Dub-auchery & Liquid Mix

Loads of things happening. I’m about to graduate college (major in Information Technology Management with an emphasis in Networking), so I am focusing a lot of my time to wrapping that up. My car is on jackstands while I do a suspension overhaul and bushings. I just picked up a MacBook Pro before the April 1st show. My old laptop wasn’t holding a charge and it… Read more →

All over the web!

I recently uploaded my last album on Bandcamp (http://spastik.bandcamp.com)!  It might get confusing on where you find my stuff and what I post where, so here is a quick guide http://www.spastikdnb.com – I will post all of my music (singles/mixes/320 zipped albums), event info, some tracks I like, and any tracklist for shows. http://www.soundcloud.com/spastik – I will post tracks I… Read more →