Quick Background:

Revival is a Drum & Bass producer recently relocated to Portland, Oregon from Boise, Idaho. His status as a DJ is backed by twelve years of experience in music production and mixing.

Specializing in Drum and Bass, Revival has produced many DnB tracks and mixes, which have been aired on local college radio stations and online DnB stations. Supported recently by Stunna on his “GreenRoom DnB” show, Atlantic Connection on his “The Future Soul Show”, and DBase on his Submission mixes. Most of his mixes are upbeat and light, as old school jazz and funk is frequently implemented into his tracks. Soulful vocals and rich samples also embellish his tunes with a sexy, retro vibe.

The Old Name:

Recently it has come to my attention that the name “spastic” is a slur word in other countries. I by no means mean it that way.  It came about for how I acted in class and in situations when I forgot to take my A.D.H.D. medication and was often restless.  It became a nickname, where in America just called a clumsy or nerdy person. My bouncing off the walls personality when off my medication is also similar to how fast pace Drum & Bass is.

So to sum it all up Spastik = Myself without my A.D.H.D.  medication.